UK Uranium Weapons Network

Campaigning for a ban on Depleted Uranium weapons

About us

The Uranium Weapons Network is part of the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons.

Our aim is to achieve a UK ban on the use of depleted uranium weapons.

Members of the Network are:

The Campaign Against the Arms Trade

Campaign Against Depleted Uranium

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Environmental Justice Foundation

Fellowship of Reconciliation


Muslim Council of Britain

Northern Friends Peace Board

Pax Christi

People & Planet

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

Islamic Foundation for Ecological and Environmental Studies

Volunteer Action for Peace

Peace NewsPeace News

To speak to us: 0161 2738293

To email us:

To write to us:

UK Uranium Weapons Network
Bridge 5 Mill
22a Beswick Street
M4 7HR

The Network agrees to campaign on the following principles:

UK Network statement against uranium weapons

The UK Network Against Uranium Weapons believes that:

  • the use of inhumane and indiscriminate weapons such as landmines, cluster bombs and uranium weapons must be challenged by civil society;
  • the protection of civilians and the environment must be paramount in armed conflict;
  • the chemically toxic and radioactive particles released by uranium weapons have the potential to damage the health of both soldiers and civilians;
  • the growing body of animal and cellular studies linking uranium exposure with damage to human health supports a precautionary approach to the use of uranium weapons;
  • while so little research has been undertaken into the effects of uranium weapons on exposed civilian populations it is scientifically irresponsible to claim that they are safe.

In recognition of this, the UK Network Against Uranium Weapons:

  • Calls for the UK to accept an EU-wide moratorium on the use of uranium weapons in line with the European Parliament’s 2008 resolution ‘Depleted uranium weapons and their effect on human health and the environment – towards a global ban on the use of such weapons’ by removing its CHARM3 tank ammunition from service.
  • Calls on the UK to stop the testing of uranium weapons.
  • Calls on the UK government to support a global ban on the use, transport, manufacture, sale and export of all conventional uranium weapons and armour and to work multilaterally towards a comprehensive uranium weapon convention.

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