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Letter to Nick Harvey MP

Nick Harvey MP, Ministry of Defence,
MOD Main Building, Whitehall,
London. SW1A 2HB

Uranium Weapons Network
Bridge 5 Mill
22a Beswick Street
M4 7HR

Open Letter to Nick Harvey MP Minister of State for the Armed Forces

Dear Mr Harvey,

We the undersigned are writing to request that the findings and key elements of the Article 36 Legal Review currently being carried out on CHARM3 be made available to the public. We welcome your commitment to provide a ‘releasable conclusion’ but believe that the authority of this conclusion would be greatly enhanced if supported by other key elements.

Whilst we acknowledge that some areas of the review may need to be restricted as they deal with details of military capability, there are parts in which this consideration would not be compromised and which we would ask you to release, in particular:

• Table of contents
• A list of evidence assessed
• Bibliography

There are also sections of the review that are vital to understanding the application of international humanitarian law to CHARM3. We therefore ask that the following parts are also released, with redactions where necessary:

• The section which takes into account its effect to persons, property and secondary effect
• The section which takes into account its impact on public health and the environment
• All information pertaining to whether CHARM3 is capable of being used discriminately
• All information pertaining to future trends in IHL

Such increased transparency would greatly strengthen the authority of this review and would illustrate a clear commitment to work openly to understand and reduce the impact of weapons on civilians.

Many thanks for your time and consideration in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Doug Weir, Co-ordinator
International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons

Rachel Thompson, Campaigner
Uranium Weapons Network

Rae Street, Co-ordinator
Campaign Against Depleted Uranium

Mohamed Ghalaieny, Researcher
Toxic Remnants of War Project

Katy Clark MP

Richard Moyes, Managing Partner
Article 36

Mike Hancock MP
Liberal Democrat

Marion Birch, Director

Mark Durkan MP

Caroline Lucas MP
Green Party

Dr Stuart Parkinson, Executive Director
Scientists for Global Responsibility

Philip Austin, Co-ordinator
Northern Friends Peace Board

Ann Feltham, Parliamentary Co-ordinator
Campaign against the Arms Trade

Dame Joan Ruddock MP

Millius Palayiwa, Director
Fellowship of Reconciliation, England

Professor David Webb, Chair
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Omega Research Foundation

John Hemming MP
Liberal Democrat

Andrew Smith MP

Rob Ritchie, Secretary
Depleted Uranium Education Team, New Zealand

Quaker Peace and Social Witness

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  3. tom schmidt February 27, 2012 at 11:52 pm

    Watch Dr.Pablo Ortega’s::Uranio 238 ” on YouTube

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